Atex has developed a series of technologically advanced, cost-effective products that provide this strategic industry with an ideal solution. Our coverstocks (topsheet), textile back-sheets, self-gripping frontal tape, sublayers and stretch nonwovens, allow us to offer the market a wide range of nonwovens which are essential to modern diapers or pads.
Some Advices
Core wrap 10 grm2
Top-sheet 12 gsm up to 17 gsm
Textile back sheet 12 gsm up to 14 gsm
Hook-Grip Spunbond 15 gsm up to 30 gsm
Stretch spunbonds 80 gsm up to 130 gsm
Good MD/CD tensile strength
Reduction in weight of diaper components
New, lesser expensive alternatives to traditional products
Excellent machinability and processability
Total recycling of processing waste
Highly competitive