As a global company, Atex is geared to provide a wide range of solutions. Thanks to our qualified team of associates and production capabilities, we are able to offer specially designed products to highly specialized market areas.

Atex uses the most modern spunbond and microfiber technologies and combines them in an endless number of ways with the sole aim of highlighting our customers’ ability and requirements.

With on-going investments in new lines of industrial products, Atex seeks new market opportunities by offering products for the most diverse applications such as: filtering, lamination, automotive, flexible packaging, flame retardants, gardening and agriculture, construction and civil engineering to luxury packaging and so much more. We have a wealth of solutions in nonwoven rolls.

Some Advices
SBPP 10 gsm up to 150 gsm
Meltblown 10 gsm up to 1000 gsm
SBPP + MICROFIBER composites in all combinations
Colors and treatments (UV-FR-WR-AS-ANTIBACTERIAL-HY)
Long lasting
Light weight
Customized products